Effects of Rust

• If rust on metals, cars, household tools and appliances are not checked early it has the ability to decay them and make them weak and also cause them to change colour.

• Rust cannot conduct electricity so if any appliance that is rusted is plugged into a power source that appliance may not work.

• Rust can stain the body of a car and its parts, gradually weakening the body and may even lead to the sharp edges and holes in the car. This can be seen as a health or safety risk if skin scratched by rusted metal.

• In building construction a lot of iron rods are used to set up the structure with cement, when the rod rusts within the cement it causes damages to the building. The building might end up collapsing.

• Rusted pipes can affect water passing through them in a building. Water appears brown or red and may not be safe to use, causing skin irritations or sicknesses.

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