A magnetic material has this property of being attracted by magnets. Magnetic materials usually have other properties and behaviours that they show. Materials that can be attracted by magnets include iron, steel, cobalt, nickel, the alloy alnico etc.

Materials such as copper, glass, wood, brass etc., are not attracted by magnets so are called non-magnetic materials.

The area around a magnet where its magnetic behaviour is felt is what is known as a magnetic field. It is not visible but it is shown by lines that tell the direction of force that is acting on the north pole of a magnet at each point along its length.

The area of a magnet in which the attractive force of the magnet is strongest is what is known as the pole of the magnet.

When a bar magnet is placed in the midst of pins, you would observe that the pins tend to be attracted the more to a particular area of the magnet. This area is the pole of the magnet and it is where the magnetic influence is strongest.

A bar magnet has two poles. When it is suspended in the air by holding with a rope, it will be seen that one side or pole points towards the north whiles the other pole points towards the south.

The one that points towards the north is called the North Pole whiles the one that points towards the south is known as the South Pole.

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