Methods of Making Magnets

Some magnets can be created using any of the following ways below.

  • Induction

  • Stroking

  • Using electricity

Since these magnets can be made, they are usually referred to as temporary magnets. Electromagnets are magnets made using electricity and so are called temporary magnet since they only show their magnetic influence when there is electricity passing through it.

Magnets made by induction and stroking are also temporary magnets. This is because; they will lose their magnetic influence when the inducing or stroking magnets are removed.

This means that magnets that always exhibit their magnetic influence and characters are known as permanent magnets.

Permanent magnets are usually made from steel while temporary magnets are made from iron. Iron nails become temporary magnets when they are attached to magnets.

The nails lose their magnetism when the magnet is taken away. Materials such as steel are able to retain their magnetism for a long time.

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