Importance of Formation and Separation of Mixtures in Everyday Life

• Filtration is used by the water companies and in our various homes for the purification of water.

• Distillation is used in the petroleum industry for making of petroleum products (diesel, petrol and gas) from crude oil.

• Distillation is also used in the brewery industry when making beer and other beverages.

• Melting is used in the industries when manufacturing metals where various metals like bauxite is melted and the aluminium is separated from the dust.

• Evaporation is used in the homes when preserving fishes where they are salted and dried up for the water content to evaporate into the atmosphere.

• Magnetization helps in the homes when trying to find a piece lost of metal on the ground at night.

• Decantation is used by palm oil makers to separate the oil from water and other precipitates in it.

• Mixture of various food ingredients and other nutrients and vitamins in their right proportions aids in the manufacturing of canned foods and drinks.

• Distillation is also used for manufacturing sachet (pure) water.

• Evaporation is used in making salt and sugar when their various solutions are heated and water content evaporates leaving the crystals alone.

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